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Wedding flowers are an essential and beautiful aspect of almost every occasion. An experienced florist will use their experience to advise and give you options to suit your preferred theme and taking into account the time of year. Aside from bridal bouquets, a florist will show you ideas for table centrepieces along with many other ideas about how to dress your wedding venue.

Planning flowers and centrepieces for your wedding can be a tricky task and that's why an experienced florist and designer, with your budget in mind, will be so invaluable.

Here’s some great ideas from wedding florists based in Cheshire and Merseyside from places like Liverpool, The Wirral, Chester, Stockport, Warrington and Wilmslow, whom you might want to get in touch with...

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The flower language of roses: the hidden meaning behind each shade

Roses are still one of the most prominent wedding flowers chosen couples to feature in their big-day styling. But how do you know which colour rose to get? Luckily for you, each colour has a specific meaning, and depending on the occasion, one will be better suited than the other.

During the Victorian era, flower language, also known as floriography, gained prominence. Flowers, especially roses, were used to convey a secret message without having to speak. This tradition has carried through today, and roses are much appreciated as a stand-alone gift, as well as a sentimental complement to a main present.

The gemstone jeweller Angelic Diamonds has ranked the most popular colour roses in the UK based on Google search volumes and reveals the hidden messages behind each to help you find the perfect one.... read more

Posted: 17 January 2022

Switch it up

Award-winning wedding florist Foam Wedding Flowers & Gifts, based in Maghull, cleverly adapted the business to stay afloat when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, switching primary products from posies to pampas. When her couples were forced to postpone or cancel their big days, owner Joanne Quinn turned to another form of decoration to keep her busy.
She started with relevant themes and seasons, listening to her customers and creating a connection to their thoughts and feelings, making the most vibrant rainbow floral arrangements to honour our outstanding NHS and creating hundreds of Christmas products, from wreaths to table centrepieces to make homes feel extra special at a difficult time.... read more

Posted: 23 December 2021

Get ready to say “I Do!” with tips from celebrity florist, Larry Walshe

Celebrity florist and designer, Larry Walshe, provides insights and expert guidance on post-pandemic weddings for couples finally able to plan their special day. It is no secret that the wedding industry has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, but as restrictions begin to ease, couples are now beginning to plan their much-anticipated weddings and are eager to say "I do!" Typically, over 278,000 weddings take place in the UK each year, but with 90 percent of couples cancelling weddings scheduled for 2020, there's significant pent-up demand to tie the knot in 2021 and 2022. With little guidance or support given to the £14.7bn wedding industry, celebrity florist Larry Walshe, founder of luxury floral installation company Larry Walshe Studios, shares his expert thoughts on what weddings will look like from 21st June onwards, and how couples can ensure the celebration is one to remember.... read more

Posted: 21 May 2021

Meet local supplier Kelly Louise Floral Artistry

Kelly Louise Floral Artistry is a bespoke event florist. Owner Kelly is passionate about what she does and only takes on a set number of weddings each year, which means the business does have to turn some away. She says, "Yes, that may seem silly, however we pride ourselves on having very high standards and offering a personal service to our clients." So, when you book you can expect to work with Kelly herself throughout the process and she's always on hand to answer any questions you may have.... read more

Posted: 11 May 2021

Florist to the stars, Ronny Colbie shares his advice for wedding season

Renowned florist Ronny Colbie launches into the wedding season with some of the most exclusive, bespoke weddings for 2021. As the wedding industry looks ahead - following the planned roadmap back to full wedding numbers in June – this summer certainly looks set to be the summer of love with more pre-booked and rescheduled weddings than ever.Flowers have long been an integral part of any wedding, they deliver emotional messages, are romantic and passionate and a way for couples to express themselves. For big-day blooms, the ever-growing wedding flower trend is: go large and deluxe! Basically, the smaller the guestlist, the more decadent and grander the flowers.... read more

Posted: 28 April 2021

Tips on how to create showstopping floral displays

Here at County Wedding Magazines HQ we're certainly excited about the hundreds and thousands of weddings that look set to take place this spring and summer - oh how we've missed you! One of our favourite things to swoon over when we see wedding photos is the.... flowers! Events florist Hazel Gardiner shares her top tips for creating showstopping wedding floral displays for all those nearlyweds out there looking for some blooming marvellous inspiration. Read on to find out how to create the ultimate garden celebration-inspired big day, a huge wedding trend this year...... read more

Posted: 23 April 2021

2021’s biggest wedding flower trends

One of the biggest trends to emerge, and one like to stay is shopping local. Whether this is due to the Covid-19 crisis - either a response to flowers becoming harder to import or the pandemic inspiring people to support local businesses; or an overall trend of the UK becoming more environmentally conscious - is unclear, but what is clear is that supporting local is a great way to find unique and gorgeous flowers for your big day.Direct2florist has also revealed more trends to be inspired by....... read more

Posted: 5 April 2021

The perfect flowers for you based on your star sign

Stuck for wedding flower inspiration? Read on... Signs the Zodiac originate from Babylonian astrology and can often offer guidance and comfort to those who believe them. Whether in times of struggle or marking a new start, Zodiacs are there to show the future is written in the stars. Whilst everyone knows that each Zodiac sign correlates to a different time of year, did you know that each Zodiac also has a corresponding flower? Zodiac flowers reflect each star sign's personality trait and offer insight into what the stars have planned for us. After all, each Zodiac is as unique as a flower.... read more

Posted: 14 December 2020

Happy Birthday to Liverpool's Booker Flowers & Gifts

South Liverpool-based florist, Booker Flowers & Gifts, is celebrating its 35-year business milestone. This much-loved local wedding supplier, specialising in bespoke floristry, will be marking its own special occasion by gifting bouquets to 35 deserving community champions.... read more

Posted: 24 September 2020

A helping hand from wedding supplier, Booker Flowers & Gifts

"I'm so pleased that we've been able to accommodate all of our couples' date changes," says Gemma Wakerley of Booker Flowers & Gifts. "2020 was due to be a really busy wedding season for us, and with so many being moved to 2021, it means next year is going to be doubly so," she continues.... read more

Posted: 16 July 2020