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Getting to know the editor, Kelly AndrewsGet to know Kelly Andrews, editor of Your Cheshire & Merseyside Wedding, with these top 10 questions.

What do you love most about working on Your Cheshire & Merseyside Wedding?

Working with the wonderful local suppliers is brilliant! There are some truly fantastic people in this industry, I love how enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly they are.

Describe the style of a Your Cheshire & Merseyside Wedding bride?

I wouldn’t want to pin her down to one specific style. There are so many amazing bridal looks available and I believe there is a bride out there for every one of them. I’d like to think she’s friendly and fierce in equal measures, knows exactly what she wants and goes for it. She is of course the epitome of her own individual style, whatever that style may look like.

What's your favourite feature to write for Your Cheshire & Merseyside Wedding?

I just adore a styled shoot! With so many talented suppliers in the region, they never fail to amaze me with the quality of work they produce and the level of sheer inspiration they turn out. True #weddinggoals. Believe me, selecting images for these features is like choosing a favourite child!


If you were to get married what type of wedding would you have?

I think I’d have to have a grand affair surrounded by my beloved parents and valued friends. I wouldn’t want to leave a single one of them out! Since working at County Wedding Magazines, I’ve become completely in awe of the atmosphere a historic venue can provide, so after the ceremony at my little seaside chapel, it’d be off to the nearest castle or stately home for the reception. I love the idea of the sophisticated elegance brought by the navy and rose gold combination, which is my current theme obsession. I see bridesmaids in navy and groomsmen in black tie. Now all I need is a groom who’ll actually put up with me and agree to all of the above!

Who would be your number one wedding guest and why?

Definitely Stephen Fry. He’d be the perfect wedding guest. Such an intelligent and witty raconteur, he’d be bound to delight guests with fascinating conversation all day.

What are the five words that best describe you?

I need a cockerpoo puppy


What books do you enjoy reading?

The only book I’ve ever read more than once is Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, so that would always have to be given the award for my favourite novel. I’m a huge fan of a murder mystery – I never miss a Linwood Barclay and also love Douglas Coupland. I first read Miss Wyoming at university and have been hooked ever since.


What three items could you not live without?

The Bible, my blu-ray player and my car, Elliott!


Favourite food?

Italian food is amazing, lasagne is my top nosh. And cheese… always cheese!


Where are you happiest?

When singing with the choir I’m a member of.


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