Men’s skincare brand Valuxxo helped reinforce a sense of self during the pandemic

Valentino La Ciura, the founder of Valuxxo Men’s skincare brand Valuxxo is known for its scientifically proven range of products made from luxurious and natural ingredients. What many don’t realise, however, is that the brand is also playing a significant role in helping to reinforce a sense of self at a time when outside forces are making many people begin to question their identities. The Valuxxo brand doesn’t just stand for self-care and self-love, but for self-identity, too. It’s a message of hope that’s been helping men stay true to themselves and be who they really are, even during difficult times. 

Valentino La Ciura, the founder of Valuxxo, says: “During times of crisis, it’s very easy to forget what makes us ‘us’, and many of us have lost sight of our true identity over the past few years. Valuxxo is a brand that’s rooted in self-respect and self-love, encouraging us all to pause, take a moment to reflect on who we truly are underneath it all, and be proud of our genuine self.”

Valuxxo itself was born from a long journey of discovery for Valentino; the result of many years spent learning to be comfortable with his own passions, beliefs and style. Valentino drove this newfound confidence into developing the Valuxxo brand, and creating quality skincare products that allowed him to give himself the care and love he really deserved. The Valuxxo range of cleansing waters, eye creams, face creams, and firming serums are made with natural ingredients, reflecting the pure, authentic, genuine story behind the brand. 

Valuxxo skincare products, along with a selection of accessories, are available to buy online at

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