Dressing the bridal party with Felicity Hat Hire Liverpool

In the Jul/Aug issue of Your Cheshire & Merseyside Wedding, we presented an indispensable guide to dressing the bridal party dos and don'ts, put together with the help of the region's bridal fashion experts. Read on to discover, in more detail, what Hazel and Janet of Felicity Hat Hire Liverpool at to say.

If you’re both kitted out for the big day, it’s now time to decide what your support network will be wearing to complement your look to a tee. Comfort and the general feeling of utter fabulousness are certainly your goals to ensure happy faces on all members of your bridal party. So, read on to find out about the potential pitfalls and keys to success for the MOB when it comes to hats.

Dressing the bridal party with Felicity Hat Hire Liverpool: Image 2 In the past one of the don'ts for MOB would have been not to wear white, ivory, strong colours such as red, and definitely not black. However, over the last few years black and white themed weddings have become popular, and a lot of the mums are wearing white/ivory specifically at the bride's insistence, as well as strong colours.

The discs on headbands continue to be very popular, as the mums seem to think it wont ruin their hair, however if a hat fits correctly, you shouldn't encounter hat hair anyway. Large fascinators are also very popular, as are the pill box shapes in natural tones, taupe, ivory and white.

Regardless of trends, the most important thing to remember is that it's the MOB who will be wearing the headpiece, not the bride, not friends and family. We get a lot of lovely mums coming into the shop accompanied by an entourage who all have an opinion and forget that it's mum who should be choosing what she likes. We've seen poor MOBs buy four or five outfits because of other people's opinions. Our advice would be to buy it, hang it in the wardrobe and only show it to the important few.

Dressing the bridal party with Felicity Hat Hire Liverpool: Image 3


Consider comfort. It's important for mum to feel comfortable in whatever headpiece she chooses, whether it be a traditional hat or fascinator. After all, she'll be wearing it for most of the day.

Check the fit. Too tight and it could give her a headache, with annoying hat hair thrown in for good measure. On the flipside, if it's too big she'll forever be trying to adjust it.

Know MOB's shape. If she's tall, she'll look best wearing a wide brim, or if she's petite avoid anything oversized that'll swamp her.

Understand how to wear it well. Headpieces should be no wider than the shoulders, set just above the eyebrows, and be at a slight right angle to give balance.

Take the outfit accessory shopping. This way she'll be able to assess the entire silhouette. The headpiece shouldn't look like an afterthought, but rather something that complements the overall look.

Dressing the bridal party with Felicity Hat Hire Liverpool: Image 3


Wear a headpiece on the back of the head. It's not a sun hat, but a fashion accessory.

Wear a veil! The mother-of-the-bride is a wedding VIP and will be snapped like a celeb, so netting covering the face won't look great.

Remember, there's a hat for everyone, you just need to find it, and more importantly make sure it fits. In the words of Stephen Jones, leading British milliner, "a hat is the dot on the exclamation mark, the fashion focus."

Find out more at www.felicityliverpool.co.uk 

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