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Get your skin looking its big-day best

Get your skin looking its big-day best: Image 1 We find out how to get your skin looking its big-day best with Dr Nyla Raja...

The summer: long hot days, beach holidays, “too warm to cook” take-aways, balmy evening beer gardens… It’s all wonderful, but you may find that now we’re in the autumn the previous few months of indulgence have played havoc with your skin. 
Fortunately though, the related tell tale signs are easily remedied and dermatology GP Dr Nyla Raja tells us how.

Too much…alcohol and fast food
Alcohol causes vessels to dilate so the skin becomes flushed, which, over time can cause thread veins, leaving noticeable redness. Fast food tends to be processed and salty, which dehydrates the skin and conversely, causes the body to hold onto water, leaving the face looking bloated.
The solution 
Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or a non-alcoholic alternative. Apply a hydrating moisturiser with anti-oxidants before you go to bed to facilitate skin repair.
Too much… ice cream
Sugary foods lead to a rise in blood sugar and the production of excess insulin, which stimulates sebum production and exacerbates hormone imbalances leading to spots and an uneven complexion.

The solution
Balance your diet with a variety of fruit, vegetables, carbs and protein. Try to fit some exercise into your day as studies have shown that we tend to make healthier choices in the hours following exercise.
Too much… air conditioning 
Air conditioning has a drying effect and reduces the natural moisture content of the mucous membranes particularly around the eyes, lips and lining of the nose.
The solution 
Drink plenty of water to replace moisture. Opt for a moisturiser that will attract water to the skin to prevent further loss. I advise clients to use a facial oil all year round, which delivers concentrated hydration into the skin, leaving it nourished for a radiant complexion. 
Too much… sun exposure
The biggest skin concern during your summer holiday is the combination of increased UV exposure and pollution, both of which impact on the skin causing damage at a cellular level.
The solution 
Always apply sun protection and include plenty of antioxidants in your diet, minimising free radical damage.

Too many… late nights
When you don’t get the recommended seven hours sleep our eyes can become dry and irritated leading to puffiness. This can make them look smaller and older as fine lines start to appear. Tired eyes are also prone to twitching due to muscle fatigue. 
The solution
I’d recommend holding an ice pack or cucumber to the eye area, which helps to de-puff, refresh and soothe. Another remedy is haemorrhoid cream. Apply under the eyes and leave it to sink in for 15 to 20 minutes. In terms of under-eye bags, my ENVY Facial is an all-in-one treatment to help bring more volume to the skin, stimulate the production of collagen and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Contact our expert
Dr Nyla Raja | www.doctornyla.com

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