Liverpool crowned the UK's most Christmas-spirited city

Liverpool, Royal Albert Dock at Christmas A new report using Google search trends reveals the UK’s most festive and non-festive cities - Liverpool being a clear winner!

With Christmas being slightly different this year, how festive can UK cities really be when faced with lockdown measures and tier restrictions? Thankfully, due to the wonders of the internet, we can still do our Christmas shopping, listen to all the Christmas songs in the world and celebrate with the one’s we love via video call. 

The 2020 UK’s City With The Most Christmas Spirit report by Sutton Manor Nursery ranks the most festive UK cities based on their Google search data, revealing the city with the most Christmas spirit and the city with the least. 

The report ranked the UK’s top 10 largest cities from most festive to least festive;


Other key findings revealed which cities were the most and least festive about individual search terms, which consisted of Christmas Trees, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Songs, Christmas Jumpers and finally, Christmas Movies. 

Christmas Trees
Google search data for the term ‘Christmas Trees’ revealed that Liverpool had the most amount of searches, whereas Bradford had the least. Sheffield was a close contender just after Liverpool for the most searches, and London just behind Bradford with the least. 

Christmas Decorations
Once again, Google search data showed that people living in Liverpool had the most online searches for the term ‘Christmas Decorations’ and those living in Bradford had the least. 

Christmas Songs
Data based on the Google search term ‘Christmas Songs’ revealed that Edinburgh had the most searches, and therefore was the most festive about this topic, whereas Leeds was the least festive as they came in last on the list. 

Christmas Jumpers 
The Google search term ‘Christmas Jumpers’ had the most online searches by people living in Liverpool, and once again with the least number of searches was Leeds.

Christmas Movies
The data for the final Google search term ‘Christmas Movies’ revealed that this time Glasgow was the most festive for this topic as they had the most searches, and Birmingham was the least as they had the smallest number of searches.

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