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Leave your mark

Leave your mark

Q. I'm looking for a gorgeous piece of jewellery to give my mother as a gift on the morning of my wedding. Are there any pieces you would recommend?

A. Henry Johnstone says: When it comes to giving a gift to commemorate an occasion as special as your wedding day, our advice is to make it personal. Something that lets your mother know just how important she is to you and how much it means that she's there with you on your special day. I would go as far as to say put something of yourself into that gift, quite literally.

Our range of keepsake jewellery can be engraved with your fingerprints to allow you to leave the most personal of marks on that gift. Fingerprints, handprints even your own handwriting or a small drawing can be engraved onto your chosen gift. Available as bracelet charms, pendants, lockets or rings to name just a few options, there's something to suit everyone, allowing you to make this gift as personal as you like. Coupled with a special message or indeed the date of your big day, these pieces become a lasting memento treasured by your loved ones for years to come. What better way to show your mother how you feel about her on this memorable occasion?

Henry Johnstone, Henry D Johnstone


Show your metal

Show your metal

Q. I don't know if I should wear silver, white gold or rose gold jewellery with my wedding dress. Are there any hard and fast rules?

A. Rachael Whitwam says: It's your day so you need to wear what you love. If there's any detail on your dress though, it can look amazing to complement this with your jewellery and other accessories, some might have silver or pearl embellishments for example.

A lot of brides like to keep their wedding jewellery the same colour as their wedding and engagement rings, but equally many others who have white gold or platinum rings, have an overall theme for the day of rose gold, so they've worn that instead.

It's your day, so as long as you love everything that you're wearing and it makes you feel fabulous that's all that matters.

Rachael Whitwam, O'Hares Jewellers


Everlasting love

Everlasting love

Q. What should we be looking for in our wedding rings to ensure that perfect balance of longevity and sentimentality?

A. Keith Riley says: First of all, it's a good idea to consider the metal used to make your wedding rings. Platinum is the most popular white metal as it doesn't tarnish and is incredibly durable ensuring it will still look great after many years of a long and happy marriage. Be careful if opting for yellow gold though, as depending on the carat it will be an alloy containing copper or silver content, so the hardness of the ring will differ depending on the balance of each. Your jeweller will be able to advise you further on this. As a rule a good one won't sell flimsy rings that aren't hard wearing. We gauge ours on the weight.

For something with added sentimental value, why not look into having a piece of inherited jewellery melted down and crafted into bespoke wedding bands? For example, your grandparents rings can be remodelled with new metal added for strength or perhaps a colour change. Alternatively, we offer workshops where you can learn to create your own rings. You'll be guided throughout the process by a professional and what could be more meaningful than knowing this all-important token of commitment was crafted by the very person you'll be promising to spend forever with?

Keith Riley, KPR Jewellery