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Creating your floral fantasy

Creating your floral fantasy

Q. Kelly has worked in the florist industry for more than 25 years and is
the owner of Kelly Louise Floral Design. Here she gives us her tips:

A. Kelly Chapman says: -The first thing to do is set your budget. It's important for your florist to know the parameters they're working with.

- Do your homework. Be sure your chosen floral designer is right for your personal style.

- Think about your theme and colour palette, keeping the style of your venue in mind. Be sure to discuss every last detail with your floral designer, as this will help us to form a picture of the overall look.

- A good florist will always give you honest and professional advice and guidance. It's a much more straight-forward process to hire one who'll help you to design and execute the styling as a whole, rather than enlisting several different companies to organise various elements.

- Consider the season. Your favourite flowers may not be in bloom, so be sure to ask your professional about availability.

- Begin with the bouquet. It's always a good idea to have a picture of your dress, as well as the bridesmaids', with you so that your florist can advise on size, shape and colours of the bouquets.

- Above all, make sure you select flowers that you're comfortable with. Your floral displays play a massive part in your day and will feature in most of your photographs, so it's a key element to get right.

Kelly Chapman,Kelly Louise Floral Artistry


Foliage and foraging

Foliage and foraging

Q. Our wedding will be a relaxed affair. How can we make our venue flowers less formal to reflect the chilled-out vibe?

A. Rachel Peers says: If you're getting married in 2020, you're in luck! The trend for bringing the outdoors in is set to continue this year and well beyond. Think foliage, think texture, think garlands and an abundance of scented draping eucalyptus.

Speak to your wedding florist about creating a relaxed and natural feel by using a range of foliage in your bouquets, ceremony room and reception room. You need your bouquet to look as though your florist wandered through an English meadow, foraging for blooms. You can then follow this style through to the venue with foliage garlands, ceiling installations and centrepiece wreaths, with a range of candles.

Rachel Peers


Say it with flowers

Say it with flowers

Q. What flowers can you recommend to create the ultimate romantic atmosphere?

A. Gemma Wakerley says: When it comes to romance you can't go wrong with roses. Available all year round in many different colours, you should easily be able to find something to suit your palette. They look great on their own or mixed with seasonal stars such as peonies or dahlias. You can also get petal-heavy garden roses, such as David Austin varieties, that more closely resemble peonies than roses.

The cost of seasonal favourites can vary dramatically, so to keep things affordable, mix with the classic rose, which is fairly stable in price. What's more, if there are quality issues with seasonal blooms, the mix can be adjusted accordingly.

It's no wonder that roses are the most popular wedding flower. Found throughout mythology and fairytales as a metaphor for passion and romance, they've been a symbol of love for many a year.

Gemma Wakerley