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Planning panic

Planning panic

Q. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with organising our wedding and could use a hand, but I'm concerned about relinquishing control. What's the process when it comes to working with a professional wedding planner?

A. Jennifer Holdway says: You might have watched Father of the Bride and envisage an extravagant wedding planner taking over, running around with a clip board and head set and doubling or tripling the wedding budget. That's not the case. It's your special day, so it's easy to see how your £5,000 budget, can turn into a £50,000 wedding. It's our job, however, to get you the best price and make sure you stay on, or under, budget.

Wedding planners take pride in doing thorough research to find the best location, suppliers and prices. We narrow down your choices to two or three suppliers based on your vision, theme, needs and budget. You will, however, retain complete control, as it will then be your choice which suppliers provide a quote.

Your wedding planner will accompany you to consultations if needed or go on your behalf if you're unable to go. We'll work with you to reduce stress and ensure your day is exactly how you want.

Jennifer Holdway


Under canvas

Under canvas

Q. What factors do we need to take into account when planning our outdoor wedding? There's so much to organise!

A. Roanna Williams says: The most important thing to remember is that the day should be completely and utterly yours. Your wedding is all about celebrating your next journey as a couple, so don't get caught up with 'must-haves' and 'can't-do-withouts.' Seek advice from your tipi or marquee hire company. They should be able to offer you some great tips on the most picturesque locations, enabling you to grab those Instagrammable photo opportunities against stunning backdrops.

You can also pick their brains for recommendations for other wedding suppliers. They'll have worked with plenty on a regular basis and will have a wealth of contacts, knowledge and experience of everything from florists, caterers and bars to entertainment, photographers and videographers.

You'll also need to think about the weather. Do you have all of your practical utilities covered? You'll need to see that your guests are warm and comfortable, no matter what the forecast has in store.

A dedicated tipi or marquee hire company will work tirelessly to ensure the layout is planned to perfection. So be prepared to share endless pics, videos and configurations with them. Don't be afraid to contact them any time to make any last minute adjustments either, they're there to help and will guide you through the process.

Roanna Williams

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