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Festive spirit

Festive spirit

Q. We're both obsessed with Christmas! How can we tastefully incorporate it into our ceremony?

A. Sarah Boalch says: Christmas is such a magical time of year, so it's no wonder you love the idea of incorporating it into your nuptials! With a celebrant-led ceremony there are so many ways you could include your favourite holiday to suit your personalities and style. If you're outgoing and fun, perhaps you have a favourite Christmas song you'd like your congregation to sing and dance to during the festivities? If you're looking for something more discreet though, why not consider an adaptation of a symbolic ritual known as a handfasting? This old Celtic tradition was historically seen as a legally binding contract of marriage, but today it's used as a symbol to reflect how a couple's lives are to be bound together. During this ritual, a blessing of your marriage will be read aloud and a beautiful handfasting braid will be tied around your hands. To incorporate your love for the season, the ribbons could feature your favourite festive colours. Why not add some delicate bells too, bringing a touch of sleigh magic to this visual and special moment in your wedding ceremony?

These are just a few ideas, but with the help of a celebrant, the only limit is your imagination so your ceremony could be jam-packed full of Christmas magic!

Sarah Boalch, North Wales Celebrant


Especially for you

Especially for you

Q. We've waited so long to get married due to the pandemic and are now rethinking our registrar-led ceremony in favour of something more meaningful. What would you recommend?

A. Sarah Nelson says: This sounds like a great idea! A celebrant in England and Wales writes and performs a non-legal wedding ceremony. It's written entirely for you, so there'll be no other like it. You can ask friends and family to take part as well, making it that much more meaningful. The legal admin side of your marriage can be sorted out with a couple of short visits to the registry office, so no worries there.

Your celebrant should meet with you to find out more about you both and what you envisage for your wedding. They'll use this information to structure and write a script, which you should be able to check along the way. Most celebrants will also help you create your own vows.

Sarah Nelson, Moments To

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