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Festive fun

Festive fun

Q. How can we bring some seasonal spirit to our Christmas wedding?

A. Zoe Maconnall says: Two of the most exciting times combined – your wedding day and Christmas. Think of the bright lights, the colours, the snow, and the sweets. So how can you bring seasonal spirit to you wedding? That's just it… with sweets!

Sweet carts can usually be themed to suit your wedding, ours certainly can, and what a fantastic theme Christmas is, let's be honest it doesn't get much better. Some couples prefer to stick to traditional colours of red, white and green, whereas others like the more modern approach with silver and black.

Then there's the sweet choice, number one on the list has to be candy canes, a fantastic symbol of Christmas, but lets not stop there. Do you or your intended have a favourite sweet or chocolate that reminds you of the festive period? Then why not include that too?

Zoe Maconnall


It's Chriiistmas

It's Chriiistmas

Q. Our wedding will have a Christmas theme and we're keen to incorporate some festive music, but are worried about being too cheesy. What can you suggest?

A. Andrea Lamballe says: To avoid cheesy Christmas wedding music it's best to have live music played by good quality musicians who know what arrangements sound great and which don't. As a pianist I'd arrange all of the Christmas tunes I play personally, that way I can be sure it doesn't sound corny. I'd also suggest going online, googling wedding musicians and then checking out their websites. Contact maybe three and ask if they can provide some Christmas music examples. Pianists, string quartets, harpists, cellists and violinists have usually had excellent training on their instruments, naturally producing high quality music. The best way is to listen to a few different people and if you're not musical ask a family member or friend who is to help you if you're struggling. Also, visit some wedding fairs and talk to the musicians. Ask them to play some snippets of their Christmas repertoire there and then to give you an indication of their style.

Andrea Lamballe


Top Trends

Top Trends

Q. How can we give our big day an edge, making it a little bit different from the norm?

A. Sarah Povey says: As wedding coordinators we know your wedding day is something you'll remember for a lifetime, so it's vital to stay up to date on the latest trends. From using drone photography, to colourful confetti cannons to get the dancing started, or even new ways of arranging flowers, here are a few suggestions to create a wedding day to remember.

- Bringing the outdoors in… No longer are flowers arranged to perfection. Kate from Blooming Beautiful, Carden Park's on-site florist, explains: “Trees and the use of foliage is becoming increasingly popular. We're seeing more natural, whimsical and romantic designs.”

- The reimagined bouquet… Whether it be a brooch bouquet, a collection of feathers or an arrangement of natural foliage, more brides are opting for bouquets without flowers.

- The rise of bridesmen and groomsgirls… More couples are employing their nearest and dearest in important W-day roles, regardless of gender. Bridesmen, groomsgirls, flower grandmas and best women; traditional wedding roles are changing.

- The performance… We're seeing a rise in creative reception entrances, with the whole wedding party getting involved. These choreographed performances can really kick off the evening.

Sarah Povey


Borrowing from the past

Borrowing from the past

Q. How do I give my wedding reception a vintage feel?

A. Jenna Stewart says: Take something old and make it new again. Picture a world filled with all things pretty and delicate, inject a hint of romance and Chanel No.5 and finish with lashings of Babycham!

You could have small vintage touches for the toast with teacups and saucers followed by a retro typewriter for your guests to leave you messages on. Why not opt for floral arrangements in teapots or perhaps a steamer trunk full of sweets? Go all out with this theme by serving a quintessentially English afternoon tea or three-course meal on fine china before swinging to some 1950s rockabilly music.

It's not just about creating a look but also setting an ambience by recreating a time before the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives.

Jenna Stewart

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