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February florals

February florals

Q. What flowers should I choose for my Valentine's Day wedding?

A. Michelle Conroy says: If you have your heart set on a magical day oozing romance, then you're spoiled for choice at this time of year. We've provided wedding flowers for almost four decades, so while flowers will differ between months, we're never short of inspiration. February may offer fewer options, but some of the most popular blooms are still available to add warmth and life to your venue.

Although Valentine's Day is synonymous with the classic rose, ranunculi make a less expensive alternative and look just as beautiful. With shades varying from vivid pink and orange to dreamy pastels, they can be paired with leafy foliage for a rustic theme, or teamed with elegant fabrics for a softer look.

Typical colours for this season may include soft pinks or romantic reds, but don't be shy of putting your own twist on things. With winter weather in mind, rich purple and deep burgundy would be a great choice and there are ample flowers to bring this vision to life. The ever-popular calla lily comes in a stunning spectrum of hues as well as crisp white for an eye-catching combination.

For a classic vibe, the tulip really stands the test of time and offers simplicity and femininity in its finest form. Available in almost any shade you can imagine, it allows you to really express yourself.

Alongside flowers, add in plants and greenery for a real statement. Check out the quirky brunia albiflora and Dusty Miller for a fun addition to your arrangements.

Strike a pose

Strike a pose

Q. My partner and I are really nervous in front of the camera. What are your top tips for posing on the day?

A. Daniel Killoran says: It's all about distraction. Your photographer should have the people skills to know how to engage with you both and find the things that help you bounce off each other. When there's movement and conversation you lose the tension. Going for a walk and occasionally sitting down in some picture-perfect spots will allow you the freedom to interact with one another. This will start to show the idiosyncrasies that make you who you are as a couple, like how you hold hands, link arms, kiss or tease each other.

Even in the moments when you feel self-conscious, it can still work brilliantly on camera. Spontaneous giggles when you're feeling awkward often make great shots as it shows your personality.

Remember, this is your special day and you're in your best clothes, surrounded by family and friends. With a great photographer to capture it, the odds are stacked heavily in favour of you having an album you'll cherish forever.

Capturing memories

Capturing memories

Q. Lots of people have told us to hire a videographer, but we didn't put it in the budget. Should we splash the cash and book one?

A. Dennis and Julie says: We believe that you get what you pay for. This is true when investing in anything, but when it involves one of the biggest days of your life it couldn't be more important. You'll spend so much on creating the perfect day, so why not make sure you can treasure it for years to come? With the average cost of weddings in the UK now coming in at more than £30,000, it'd be a shame to only live it once.

With a wedding video, you'll see all the details you missed as well as reliving your favourite moments. Not only does it capture the sights of your wedding, but also the sounds. The vows, the speeches, the cheers and the laughter, all of which would otherwise be lost – you can't put a price on that.



Q. I'm thinking of booking wedding transport as a surprise for my husband-to-be. What do I need to bear in mind when choosing it?

A. Geraldine Regent says: This sounds like a fabulous surprise, but it can be hard to get it right. Why not choose a vehicle that'll rekindle happy childhood memories? A car that his parents used to own would be perfect, and his mum and dad would love it too. Just make sure they have time for a spin!

Once you've chosen the car, consider when it needs to arrive. Allow enough time for the groom to get to the venue and start greeting your loved ones. You may also wish to allow extra time for the driver to go back to pick up any additional passengers, such as the ushers. Don't forget to factor in a few minutes for him to get some fabulous photos!

For an extra special touch, you could decorate the car for him. Ribbons in his favourite football team's colours would go down a treat.

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