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Accessorising a simple gown

Accessorising a simple gown

Q. The Wedding Fairy and Friends offers a stunning range of bridal accessories in its online boutique. Fiona is the company's director.

A. Fiona Dobson-Bainbridge says: The most important thing to be is confident in your choices. Really go with what you love, something that reflects the vibe of your big day.

Often overlooked, but never to be underestimated is the bridal clutch, tipped to be the next big thing for brides around the globe. Why not swap your bouquet for a super-cute clutch in the evening and be one step ahead of the fashion game?

For some, less is more, and for others more is, well, more. A simple dress could be accessorised perfectly with a single pair of statement earrings. Check out our stunning Such a Classic, and Lavinia options.

An elegant, soft tulle, cut-edge veil is the perfect accessory to an understated gown in our opinion, with the fingertip length being the bestseller right now. Delicate hair vines are also the perfect go-to for modern chic.

Last, but not least jewellery – one statement piece is really all that's needed here. But if big and bold aren't your thing, consider a delicate set.

Fiona Dobson-Bainbridge,F J Dobson-Bainbridge


Substance and style

Substance and style

Q. My husband-to-be works with his hands all day. Can you recommend what we should be looking at for his wedding ring, so that it's hardy and doesn't get damaged quickly?

A. Stephen Slade says: For 20 years we've only been selling precious metal rings – platinum, 9ct and 18ct gold, and palladium. However, in recent years we've been asked for materials that don't scratch, which has always been an issue with easily damaged precious metals. While we've always recommended that our customers be patient as scuffs will eventually merge into the finish of the ring and in time stop being noticeable, we've now started selling tungsten rings. These less expensive alternatives are incredibly scratch-resistant and have proven to be extremely popular with men for this reason. It seems that hallmarked precious metals take a back seat in favour of durability for today's groom.

Stephen Slade