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Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

Q. This issue we asked the experts how to inject your wedding days with the spirit of spring.

A. Peter and Anne Henney says: For a honeymoon at this time of year, we'd recommend a trip across the pond. North America and the Caribbean are great destinations for honeymooners looking for the holiday of a lifetime.

The weather there is fantastic in the spring and honeymoon options vary right across the experience spectrum, from fun breaks on a cruise to the Orlando theme parks, and endless beaches to historical and natural delights. Why not include a bit of each in a two-centre holiday?

Cruising used to be seen as a holiday for the more mature traveller but now, more than ever, the vessels are designed for the younger generation, while providing the itinerary for honeymooners of all ages. There's something for everyone depending on your idea of a dream break. You might love the idea of a Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean or Virgin, along with a beach break in Barbados or St. Pete's Beach near Tampa, or even a theme park break in Orlando. Alternatively, a Celebrity Cruise in the Caribbean might be more your vibe, or a trip down the Mississippi on a luxurious river boat for music and culture lovers, including New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville. Take in the sights of period plantation homes, Graceland and the history of the South. Theme parks in Florida can also be added.

One option for the historians or adventure lovers among you is a visit to the Rockies together with a cruise to Alaska – definitely a once-in-alifetime experience. Who knows, perhaps any of the above can be an anniversary rendevous as well! We cover holidays on land and sea for everyone, which can be created as bespoke packages.

Peter and Anne Henney, Go Cruise & Travel


Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Q. What are your top trend predictions for 2023?

A. Peter Henney says: Since the pandemic couples have been re-thinking their honeymoon experience. Some may have more savings, while others are booking well in advance to be able to achieve their dream. Honeymoon planning now is different. Financing can be achieved by various flexible funding methods, such as the honeymoon fund we offer at Go Cruise and Travel, whereby you ask guests to contribute to this rather than having a standard guest list.

In terms of the type of honeymoon couples are looking for, the current trend appears to be booking experiences whether they be on sea or land. These fashions are greatly influenced by healthy lifestyles and environmental awareness. Such trips include expedition cruises to the Arctic or Antarctic, experiencing the natural beauty and wildlife; or expedition ships that have facilities such as submersibles, helicopters and zodiacs for guests to maximise their time.

Safaris, where honeymooners can see wildlife in their natural habitat as they fly over in a hot air balloon or travel by jeep before sleeping under the stars in a luxury lodge, are now truly affordable. What’s more, places that were once only dreamed about such as Japan, South America, Asia and the South Pacific are now more widely accessible and affordable, and are popular spots for enjoying cultural engagement. These holidays all come with expert guides with exceptional local knowledge.

Peter Henney, Go Cruise and Travel