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Your chariot awaits

Your chariot awaits

Q. I've always dreamed of travelling to my wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. What do I need to know before booking one?

A. Sarah Ashford says: Indeed, love and marriage go together like horse and carriage! Many have dreamt of the perfect wedding complete with the most romantic of arrivals. So, when looking to make these childhood fantasies a reality, there are several factors to consider.

First, is the distance and time it will take to get to your venue. Horses travel at seven miles per hour over a maximum distance of eight miles. If you're only going a short way, enquire about additional journeys for bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-the-groom etc and explore the ways you can make the day uniquely yours.

The British weather likes to keep us all guessing, so it really is essential to choose a carriage with a fitted hood. You'll also want to select a company that fully dresses their vehicles and offers to elegantly tie this in with your colour palette at no extra charge.

It's so important too to choose a supplier who's passionate about the welfare, care and training of the horses, with a commitment to excellence, a friendly nature and attention to detail. Look for recommendations or ask on wedding-related social media groups.

Sarah Ashford,Ashcroft Carriages


A to B

A to B

Q. Our venue is a little off the beaten track so we're keen to offer our guests transport home at the end of the night. What would you suggest?

A. James Whitewood says: Guest transport is often overlooked. Many believe local taxi companies will always be available. But alas, outside of large towns and cities you might find they require several days' notice. Good quality shuttles are an inexpensive way to have two or three vehicles on site for a few hours transporting guests safely and efficiently and ensuring they're just as well looked after as the bridal party in their wedding cars. While you should expect to pay slightly more than standard taxi rates, it does mean you'll have dedicated vehicles allocated to you for a specific time scale. Your venue may know of a local business that can offer this type of service or you can search independent hire operators in the region. We offer a tailored solution to ensure everyone is taken care of and arrive back at their homes or accommodation in comfort.

James Whitewood,Reem Executive


Get me to the church on time

Get me to the church on time

Q. I have 10 bridesmaids. How do I get them all to the venue on time?

A. Keith Riley says: There are a couple of options here. You'll either need to look for a wedding car hire company that's happy to do multiple runs to the venue, or alternatively one that can offer at least two vehicles to make the journeys simultaneously.

Our two vintage-style Ford Bramwith Limousines are both seven-seaters, so we can transport your bridal party in two trips of five with ease, then return for you. You also have the opportunity to book both of our cars to carry your whole bride tribe to the venue at the same time. What's more, if you're exchanging vows in a separate location from your afternoon and evening celebrations, we'll wait for you at the ceremony venue, before moving on to the reception in style and comfort with a bottle of bubbly for the newlyweds. Whilst our cars have a vintage look, they are modern, so there are no concerns regarding reliability enabling us to make sure everything runs to time as well as covering a radius of up to 50-miles from our Merseyside base.

Finally, we'd recommend that you ask your wedding car provider about their booking policy, as you'll want to feel safe in the knowledge that you're not going to be rushed. We'll only ever book one wedding per day so once we arrive at the venue we'll be with you for photographs and will only leave when you're ready.

Keith Riley